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Bikepacking Perth offers unforgettable guided bike tours, quenching your passion for exploring Western Australia’s scenic bush trails.

If you haven’t heard of the term ‘bikepacking’ before, you are not alone! Bikepacking is an adventure experience that combines bike riding, camping and eating good food.

Take a step away for the busy urban lifestyle and immerse yourself in a nature getaway. In the heart of the stunning Munda Biddi, you will learn about bikepacking, camping and nature in a fun and supportive environment.

Why Bikepacking?

Bikepacking is a tourism experience like no other. What better way to explore the flora and fauna of Western Australia than on a bike ride with your mates? Breath in the fresh air, get your legs in motion, meet new friends and spend the night marvelling at the constellations.

The Munda Biddi

Munda Biddi translates to ‘path through the forest’ in Noongar, the Aboriginal language of the area. The trail is one of the longest purely off-road riding trails in the world and passes through many environments.

Live the bikepacking experience yourself! Our guided Munda Biddi Under the Stars Overnight Expedition comes complete with meals and equipment.

The Munda Biddi Overnight Experience

Explore the beauty of the West Australian bushland on this two day overnight bikepacking adventure. Ride along the softly undulating gravel tracks of the Darling Range as we embrace stunning flora and fauna of the area.

Meet Jamie D’Emden

Hi, I’m Jamie, mountain bike riding adventurer and your bikepacking tour guide. I started Bikepacking Perth to share the adventures, thrills and adrenaline with people new to cycling, bike riding enthusiasts, and those visiting W.A seeking a unique outdoor experience.

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