Meet Jamie D’Emden

Hi, I’m Jamie, mountain bike riding adventurer and your bikepacking tour guide. I started Bikepacking Perth to share the adventures, thrills and adrenaline with people new to cycling, bike riding enthusiasts, and those visiting W.A seeking a unique outdoor experience.

For me, cycling is not just a sport or a hobby; it’s a way of life.

I rode my first mountain bike in a Swiss forest in 1991. From that day, I have been a mountain bike rider. For the past two decades I have been heavily involved in the local cycling scene, including having been president of the South West Mountain Bike Club and, in my racing days, an active member of Perth Mountain Bike Club. I now volunteer on the Munda Biddi. I help keep the trail running smoothly by maintaining my section of it and participate in volunteer days for other sections as well.

Join me on a ride through the Munda Biddi and have a bikepacking adventure of your own!

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